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The Lord Speaks to His Bride in Antioch

Leaving Judea was not easy but I had to meet you.

Beautiful bride, you were meant to be mine. Marked off before creation, bone of my bone. It was no coincidence that I found you here in Antioch. It was not an accident. I have always, and will always pursue you. I left Judea to find you my bride. You are the world to me. You are my increase. You are my every desire.

I have whispered my love to you and I have shouted from the rooftops. I have placed my life in you. I know your heart and we will never be apart again.

You bring me so much joy. I never tire of being with you. Your enthusiasm is riveting, your face shines brightly, you are simply amazing to behold.

I do not want your heart to be heavy or your days to be difficult. Our relationship is free here in Antioch. We are free from persecution, there is no law that hinders us. Peaceful moments in the midst of an otherwise tumultuous world is a gift, and one that I relish.

To be so young and unafraid, courageous and unflappable, single-minded in your love for me, it is a wonder to behold. And, I love you back!

You are mine and as I increase so do you. Have you seen how you’ve changed? Do you know that you exist in two realms, both here and in the heavenlies? Have you felt the expansion of your very existence? You are as multi-cultured as you are divine. Your heart has learned to listen to my heart and together we will travel and share the news and grow the love we’ve begun here in Antioch. Our story will be the love story for all time.

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