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The Greatest Love Story

Who are they? Only the most delightful, loving and devoted couple. They are THE love story, the first upon which all love stories are written. Every love song, every poem, every loving word spoken is their story – just a part – just as we are all a part of Her. Amazing that! We are each a love song, a poem, a loving word.

But let’s begin at the beginning, or is it the middle, for when speaking of their love we must stand outside of space and time because that is where it all began.

Who is she? For the moment, she is a beautiful girl living in Antioch. She is grace and she is love. She is child-like in her sense of wonder and she expresses her joy and love openly because she is indeed in love! She has met the man she will marry and He is divine!

She may not yet know that she herself is eternal, but she can sense that they are right together, that they are the same, that they are meant to fit. She places Him above all else. There are no laws that can touch them.

She is the center of His life. She is His love, His joy and His delight. He knows her. He sees the very heart of her and He is captivated. They are inseparable for both are outside of space and time, both are divine.

When she looks at herself, what does she see? She sees Him! She sees Him, for their love is her mirror. They are one. They gaze at one another lovingly, and in that gaze a million lifetimes – it has all been said and all that is left is love.

He pursues her! He is a romantic. He is persistent. He is her protection. And He would give anything to be with her.

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