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The Girl From Antioch Speaks

“I am a little girl from Syria. I’m a Syrian girl that lives in Antioch, and He came to me there.”

No one had ever taken much of an interest in me until He came to town. He noticed me and actively pursued me. This was a new experience for me, and also for Him. I had always been overlooked, or so I thought, but when he came for me He made me feel special for the first time. I know now that He had been patiently waiting for and looking for me for a long time. After He noticed me, others started noticing me too. In fact, almost everyone in the city knows who we are now – our love story has gone viral. Because of our great love for each other, almost everyone, even those I have never met, knows that I belong to Him. They even say that I take after Him, that I resemble Him, so they started calling me by His name. In Antioch, we like to joke around and call people by nicknames, but this joke and this name make me (and Him) smile. It gives me great joy to be identified with (and by) Him. And He says the same thing about me. He is very happy to be identified with (and by) me.

I am always observing the way He is with people – loving, giving, sharing. That is the way I try to be too. But this really does not require a lot of effort. It is just the way I am now – carefree, generous, joyful. I have quite the magnetic personality, but in truth I got it from being around Him all the time. He has rubbed off on me quite a bit.

In His eyes, I am most beautiful when I am free to be who I am. He is very jealous for my freedom, and He is not afraid to stand up for me publicly. I am His girl, and He will not allow anyone to put me down or try to control me or change me. He never told me to change or do things differently, and He seems very pleased with me as I have grown and matured. He never demanded me to take care of Him, but it is my favorite thing to do. How can I not give Him everything, my whole heart, in light of who He is to me? I am in love with Him. Our life together has been a constant experience of surprising joy!

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